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Klinikum Weser-EggeAkad. Lehrkrankenhaus der Universität Göttingen



Welcome to the Weser-Egge Clinic!

On this page, you will find important information about our physicians, our range of services and your stay with us. Our medical colleagues are specialists and consider the individual needs of their patients during their treatment.


Your stay

Scheduled hospitalization

On arrival at the clinic, please present yourself at our information desk. This is where you will be told where to check-in.
For admission to our clinics, you will be required to complete various formalities. Please complete them in the patient admission office. The competent personnel are at your disposal from Monday to Friday, during the following hours:

  • St. Ansgar Hospital 07am to 4pm
  • St. Joseph Hospital 07.30am to 4.30pm
  • St. Rochus Hospital 07am to 4.30pm
  • St. Vincenz Hospital 07.30am to 3.30pm.

Please bring along the following documents:

  • Referral order issued by the physician
  • ID card / passport
  • Health insurance card
  • Family register (for deliveries)
  • Exemption card (if available)
  • The documentation of your established physician
  • Current medications list (including information on dosage)

If you are unable to personally check-in at the admission office, please request your relatives or acquaintances to complete the formalities for you.

For legal reasons, you will be required to provide multiple signatures, namely for:

  • the treatment contract, together with the declaration of consent that the Weser-Egge Clinic is authorized to record your data and, if necessary, to forward it to third parties (e.g., health insurance, family physician...).
  • consultation of the general terms and conditions and the care cost rates.
  • the provision of optional services, if necessary.


Since 2003, a DRG-case package system (Diagnosis Related Groups) was intro-duced in Germany, similar to the system applied, for example, in the United States, Australia, as well as in several European countries. The majority of the akut-hospitals discounts DRG-case packages. The amount of the DRG-case packages is based on the type of disease (diagnosis), operation, and severity of the disease. A patient with a mild disease is charged less than a patient with a severe disease, which is difficult to treat. A well-defined disease and its treatment is compensated according to a certain range of the length of hospitalization. The same package will be paid within this range, regardless of the patient´s actual length of hospitalization. The amount of the case allowance is calculated based on an average period of hos-pitalization within this range. Case allowances for patients with a significantly long-er or shorter period of hospitalization are usually subject to additional charges or discounts on the case rates.

In the case of narrowly defined exceptional cases and wherever required for appro-priate compensation, additional charges can be levied additionally to the case al-lowance for extensive medication, individual services and groups of services. The calculation of case allowances and additional fees is based on the performance and cost data of German hospitals.

Optional services

To make your stay at the Weser-Egge Clinic as comfortable as possible, you can book fee-based optional services, additionally to the standard services. This in-cludes treatment by the Chief Medical Officer and all other physicians of the hospital authorized to invoice, accommodation in a ¬single or two-bed room, the accommoda-tion of an accompanying person, use of the phone and wireless Internet services.

You are usually liable for payment if you do not subscribe to a private health insur-ance plan or a private additional insurance plan, which covers the costs.

The granting of optional services is subject to contractual agreement between the patient and the hospital. This usually occurs on admission to the clinic; however, it can be also arranged if you decide to book optional services at a later point.

Personnel at patient admission are pleased to remain at your disposal for further in-formation.

Data protection

Your personal details are required for medical services and for billing the cost of treatment. Be assured that your data is handled with the strictest confidentiality. All employees are committed to data protection and are bound to confidentiality.

Patient wristband

The safe identification of patients is the basis of all organizational, diagnostic and therapeutic measures within our facilities. For this reason, each patient receives a bracelet at admission, which also provides increased patient safety. The patient wristband contains the following information: the patient´s first and surname, date of birth, case number of current hospitalization, as well as a bar code. We request you to wear the patient bracelet throughout your entire period of hospitalization.

Occupation of the patient room on the ward

The nursing personnel of the ward to which you were admitted will question you re-garding certain daily habits and necessary requirements, to provide you with the necessary support during your period of hospitalization. The personnel will give you a brief overview of the ward and the (daily) routines. If you have any ques-tions, please place them here.


Once your condition has improved, the ward physician will discuss your date of dis-charge with you. On this occasion, you can ask questions regarding your condition, dismissal and the subsequent period.

Please consult the nursing personnel, if you need a taxi for your trip home.

We rely on your understanding that, due to organizational reasons, we provide for your discharge during the morning period, from 9am to 11am.

For us to hygienically prepare beds for subsequent patients, you may eventually not be able to wait for your pick-up inside the room.
On discharge, you will be handed a short report for your family physician. A detailed report will be forwarded directly to your physician.

What you should know

When leaving the ward, please do not forget to inform the nursing service personnel of your discharge. Please remain in your room during visits and treatment periods. Due to insurance-technical reasons, you should not leave the hospital compound.

Physicians are required to obtain the written consent of the patient prior to any major intervention. Before you give your consent, the physician must clarify the procedure and its possible consequences.

Please do not forget

Please remember your discharge day, unsubscribe from the phone service and collect your personal belongings and stored valuables. If you are legally in-sured, the invoice for your portion of the cost of the in-patient treatment will be forwarded to your home address.


Your contact

The contact person for our international patients is Oleg Meder.

He is a specialist for general surgery and practices at the St. Josef Hospital in Bad Driburg. Bad Driburg is one of a total of four units of the Weser-Egge Clinic. 

Oleg Meder speaks Russian and he can refer you to other contact persons at additional departments in Brakel, Höxter, Steinheim, where English and / or other languages are spoken.


Oleg Meder

Oleg Meder

Surgical Specialists

Tel.: 0 52 53 985 20 20